Enjoy ideal climate and safety at home tuned by QOLOS system
Build it yourself within minutes

A smart home built on the fly

QOLOS wireless home automation system works without any head device.
Each element has a “brain” inside which automatically connects to all other devices.
You just need a smartphone or tablet to control them

QOLOS creates an ideal atmosphere at home by analyzing the user behavior and adjusting the lighting, heating and ventilation to the most comfortable mode for living

The smart camera automatically monitors the appearance of unauthorized people and objects. In case of anomalies, it signals the home owner giving a phenomenal control over security

Mesh network


Everyone has his own feeling of ​​the best ratio of room temperature and humidity. Now we can easily create ideal conditions for ourselves

Just install the QOLOS system and operate the heating for a while. Smart devices will figure out the perfect combination of outdoor temperature, heating, humidity and ventilation. You simply get rid of daily adjustment and juggling with several remotes

You’ll be surprised how pleasant it is to be at home when you don’t care about temperature, humidity and air conditioning

Leaving the house you’ll receive a push notification on the phone with a proposal to set the climate to economy mode

One tap is enough for your house to take care of energy saving

Remote access

Don’t worry!

With QOLOS, remote home control is simple

Your switches are equipped with remote control modules, and the most frequently used devices are plugged via smart sockets. You can easily check the status of your home network through the app in your smartphone. If necessary, simply turn everything off with one button. If you suddenly left the house for a little vacation, the system will detect your long absence and put the house on standby mode. Electrical appliances and lights will be turned off, water supply will be shut off

Smart Lighting

Surprise your guests with the incredible atmosphere created by smart lighting at your home

Choose unusual shades of light, dim the brightness

With smart light control by QOLOS your guests won’t forget the comfort of the evening spent at your home

Smart scenes

Appliances and devices at smart home are capable of sensing not only you, but also each other, mutually complementing and correcting the operation modes

Based on the behavior of residents, the QOLOS system generates smart scenes and sets them up

Imagine, the robot vacuum cleaner started cleaning - the smart sensor CO gave the command to open the windows to the ventilation mode. The presence sensor tells the vacuum cleaner that a cat is playing around in the kitchen hence this room should be cleaned later

By the time the hosts arrive, the temperature is brought to a comfortable 22 degrees Celsius, the air is ventilated and humidified


Sometimes you feel powerless when something unforeseen happens at home - a fire or a water leak - but nothing can be done except to rush home to count the losses

What if your home could help itself in an emergency?

Equipping your home with QOLOS system of smart leakage and fire sensors as well as a water shutoff device, you are no longer so idle. The sensors themselves will give a command to turn off the water or turn on the fire extinguishing system. If a failure in home network occurs, the devices will exchange information directly between each other. The camera with machine vision will signal you on time that a “stranger” appeared in the house or something is wrong with your loved ones

Who we are

QOLOS was designed for taking the smart home to the next level. We dreamed of a system adjusting itself to our habits at home, making life even more comfortable and safe.

The best experts with vast experience in smart lighting, machine learning and computer vision have been working hard for several years to make the smart home truly smart hardware

For partnerships and cooperation please contact

Alexei Babushkin, CEO

Devices Render